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Being Agile(Scrum) in a PMI world!

Published by Christopher Daily on April 26th, 2011 - in Scrum, Software Development

Last week, my post about certifications (click here) created several spirited comments about the qualifications of Scrum.org.  My rationale for writing this post was I am a little concerned about which certifications, if any, to invest in.  This morning, my news reader picked up the following blog post (click here) from Ken Schwaber, who is credited as one of the founders of Scrum, Scrum.org, and Scrum Alliance.  If you are interested learning more about how the founder Scrum.org views the PMI Agile certification, you should take the time to check this post out.  BTW, I wish I would have thought of Ken’s title for his blog: Telling It Like It Is.  

I agree with Ken’s main points:

  • The manufacturing approach, which strives toward predictability, doesn’t work very well.
  • The proof of how a process or certification work will depend on the actual results.
  • The role of project manager has changed in the purists’ implementation of Scrum into the role of Scrum master.

It will be interesting to see what the PMI certification ultimately helps improve project success.  There will be a lot of debate on this topic. 

Thanks for coming in today.


One Response

  1. Jordan says:

    I thought Ken’s comment that “the manufacturing” approach doesn’t work very well, yet, the “Lean” and “Kanban” people also use a “manufacturing approach”.

    I guess it’s ok if it’s Toyota but not Ford?

    Additionally, I think Scrum itself uses a manufacturing approach. So I think they are all not relevant to software development.

    Do you see creative people, (building) architects, etc using Scrum? No? That says a lot right there.

    It’s interesting that Ken and Tobias seem to very directly allude that the “opposition” is just in it for the money.

    As if the whole CST world isn’t? It certainly will be a refreshing debate and informative, to see all the parties attack each other’s intentions, nobility and credibility.

    Maybe at some point managers will realize what is really going on.


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